• Rapid Return of your Investment:
    • Could save you $18,680 in one year
    • Labor Savings - with the Auto-Bagger, at least one person now used in bagging could be ELIMINATED ($7 per hour x 40 hrs = $280 for one person)
    • Accuracy - Most people will add approximately one pound of feed/product to avoid being short on the scale (based on 1,000 bags per week at 10¢/lb. - $100 a week savings)
  • Many Uses
    • Portable - Bag almost anything anywhere; one machine to serve several bagging needs.
  • Preserve Quality
    • Direct bagging from processing of feed/product, save the texture of the material
  • Accurate Weight
    • Two speed auger system, fast fill 90% of bag, last 10% slower speed for accurate weight of your product
    • Option to bag by cubic foot with metered timer
  • Easy Clean Out
    • Avoid contamination of products, the Auto-Bagger is easily cleaned out with a hose and water. The Auto-Bagger can help eliminate E.P.A. problems with this feature
  • No Risk Return Policy
    • Try the Auto-Bagger for 30 days, if it does not perform as stated by Feedmobile, Inc.; return it for a full refund. (Please Note: Unit must be paid in full, returned in good condition, and customer is responsible for freight both ways)
  • Options
    • Valve Packer Scale
    • Liquid or dry blender attachment
    • Molded rubber belt in place of auger
    • Rail Car unloader
    • Dust Tight Systems
    • Stainless Steel
    • Air operated scale


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