The best in Mobile Feed Processing for more than 50 years now completely re-engineered to make it even better. The New Series 102 includes optional electronic weight scales. Texture saving hydraulic variable speed Mixer, Low maintenance, hydraulic auger drives throughout machine. Underfed 20" industrial Hammermill for uniform feed textures. Large Blower for increased speed of loading and unloading. Blower pre-cleaner for extended blower life.

Four Models available: Hammermill, Rollermill, Hammermill and Rollermill Combination, or Textureator Earcorn Processing, which includes all three processing choices.

Specifications for Standard Series 102 Feedmobie with Hammermill:

  • Jumbo diesel available.
  • Diesel power unit with 148 usable horsepower, heavy-duty, industrial type. Fuel tank - 64 gallons.
  • 20" X 20" high capacity hammermill - new underfeed type - with magnet to remove tramp metal. 1,000 lb./minute.
  • 4,800 lb. capacity molasses system with heater, direct-reading meter, automatic shut-off, rear-mounted indicator light.
  • New electronic batch-weighing system with digital readour - shows weight of each kind of ingredient going into feed as well as of a complete batch of processed feed.
  • Large Air Unloader, air direct valve (blower saver), with 30 feet of 4" tubing, deflector, 1,000 lb./minute.
  • New Feedtable design with hydraulic life, controls on rear and in truck cab, convenient emergency shut-off, more uniform fee.
  • 102 cu. ft. hydraulic Texture Saver mixing system with multi-action, twin screw mixing action - Bin-A-Trol - mixer leveling agitator shafts. Average 3,600 lbs. Laboratory results available on request.
  • Whole bale feeder.
  • Rear bale feeder.
  • Twin, 6" variable speed auger feeder for corn cracking system with on/off electro-hydraulic control.
  • Concentrate Assembly.
  • Vegetable oil tank (optional): 1,000 lb.
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 47 gallons.
  • Choice of 5 hammermill screens.
  • One-color painting/lettering.
  • Approximate capacity - batching: 15 tons/hour.
  • Approximate capacity - continuous: 30 tons/hour.
  • Maximum Molasses per batch: 15%.
  • Life of hammers - each corner: approximately 6,000 tons; 4 corners: 24,000 tons.
  • Fuel consumption - 3,600 lb./batch, approximately 1.3 gallons.
  • Cleaning of mixer required - on a monthly basis, depending on molasses use.
  • Weight when empty tanks - no truck, approximately 13,000 lbs.
  • Electrical System: 12 VDC.
  • Tools, lubricants.

Specifications for Standard Series 102 Feedmobie with both Hammermill and Rollermill:

Same as above plus...

  • Heavy duty, spring loaded 12" diameter X 30" rollermill with loading hopper, magnet, hardened cast steel rolls. 1,000 lbs./minute.
  • Roll life before recorrugation, approximately 12,000 tons.
  • Pneu-Weigh with 30 feet of 4" suction tubing. 800 lbs./minute.
  • TRUCK REQUIREMENTS (minimum): 135" cab to axle distance. . .6,570 lb. front axle. . .13,330 lb. rear axle.

*All of the above figures can vary depending on material, moisture, size, etc.  F.M.I.--Feedmobile, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications or prices without notice.  Multiple Patents apply.  Lease Plans Available Consignment Sales. Call for Quotes on New or Used Equipment or Service for Your Existing Equipment.

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